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    Painting * Printmaking *Drawing * Sculpting * Clay
      * Crafts * Origami * Weaving * And much MORE!

Beauty and the cutest beast!
I think I like it!
Engaged in the creative process!
Art helps a child focus on details
Paper Mache' sculpture
Many different project opportunities!
Abstract Art
Printmaking with leaves
Holiday Art - Seasonal Crafts
Autumn leaf prints
Seasonal Art
Artist at work!
Clay Fish
We have a new Kiln!
After school art classes
Sign up Today!
Making Mischief!
Hard working artist!
Happy Too!
Fanciful paper mache' bird
Collaborative painting
Work in a small group!
Figures in motion
Young artist!
And proud too!
Finished products!
A fun and happy way to spend time with friends
Yummy cookies for Open House!
There were none leftover...
Ladies Night Out!
Party Time at Bainbridge's newest Art Studio
Young ladies having fun!
Yes Like!
Sharing our art with others.
Nice Work!
Figure in paper mache'
What is his name?
Preparing to print leaves on paper
Takes some effort to do it right!
Ladies Night Out -Halloween Wreath
Nice work-- like!

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