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An open house was held at Mrs. Mantz's Purple Pantz Art Studio on Sunday, Oct, 2017, from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. The bright sunny day was the perfect compliment to the warm and colorful atmoshphere everyone experienced as they entered the beautiful surroundings of the studio. In addtion to the punch and cookies available to all, mrs. mantz had a wide array of "make and take" art projects for the youngsters in attendance.

Durng the 2 hour event, families filtered in and out of the studio area while children participated in activities that included decorating little pumpkins, creating glittery masks, and building fanciful sculptures with colorful "Magic Noodles" and craft sticks.

Mrs. Mantz was instructive and helpful to each child who came into the studio as they worked on their individual projects. The children were able to take home their creations as a rememberance of their fun time at the studio. You could tell by the happy faces on the children and adults that it was an afternoon well spent!




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Fun Fact:

The "Purple Pantz" name/rhyme came from Mrs. Mantz's teaching days. She needed a way to help children remember how to pronounce her name. Originally, it started out as, "Mrs. Mantz in her purple pantz, loves to dance!" It was a hit with the kids and now you know!



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